Expanding God's kingdom by empowering indigenous missions around the world.


DEC 2, 1917 – OCT 5, 2010

Orval Butcher was born to be on a mission. As a youngster he led his church in triumphant musical expression. In high school he was the finest pianist in his home town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and he used that talent to further his Christian witness. As a student at Miltonvale College, he transformed the music department with exciting sounds and contagious outreach.

What We Do

— Special Projects

Orval Butcher Missions connects people with resources with critical Christian ministries needs abroad

— Strengthen Indigenous Ministries

Orval Butcher Missions partners with indigenous ministry leaders abroad to efficiently and effectively provide the most good where it is needed the most.

Our Mission

o help expand God’s kingdom by providing urgent or short-term support or services directly to existing Missionaries or Missions organizations on an “as needed” or special project basis.

Our Vision

To be a humble, effective and faithful servant organization, connecting those who can provide with those in Christian service who have a need.

Our Values

-Align with God’s Word and God’s heart

  -Honor God in all that we do

-Respond effectively to urgent missions needs

-100% of donor proceeds to be used directly for missions work

-Keep the work simple and effective

Impact Stories

Transitional Leader Development – Kenya- “Servant Leadership in Jesus Name”
“With the help of Orval Butcher Missions and our Lord Jesus Christ in 2020 we were able to distribute emergency food relief to 120 needy families, in 2021 we were able to distribute food and bedding to 105 families whose homes were destroyed by a major fire in the slums of Nairobi and in 2022 we were able to distribute food to 45 families and 120 elderly individuals. All these things could not have been accomplished without our partnership with Orval Butcher Missions”
Mitaboni Boundless Medicals – Kenya “We treat, God heals”
“We have partnered with Orval Butcher Missions since 2019 and many people have been helped at the clinic as a result. With Orval Butcher Missions support we are serving more than 400 patience a month, mostly poor who cannot afford treatment elsewhere. We have been able to buy medicine, pay staff, pay rent, utilities, and other operational cost. With the help of OBM we are reaching many poor people with healthcare and the Gospel. We thank God for OBM and the great support!”
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